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Behind each place or project there’s an idea and a story. Casa Rinaldi Italia - is a story of family antique villa, built in 1905 most probably on the ancient Roman villa ruins. Every its corner is filled with history, unforgettable memories and moments. It was decided to open Casa Rinaldi to public in 2016. Being a truly peaceful place we decided to held firstly yoga events. In September 2017 due to many requests we started to rent the villa. And the same year the first events were organised, including small-sized weddings, birthdays, reunions and team buildings . Who are the guests of Casa Rinaldi? People who appreciate quality vacations, Italy lovers or people dreaming to visit this beautiful country. Active and curious personalities who want to discover authentic and traditional Italy.

Casa Rinaldi is a perfect location for family vacations, corporate events, relaxing with friends, weddings and celebrations. Our villa is the best venue for various tours such as yoga, photo, gastronomy and etc What makes Casa Rinaldi so special? Casa Rinaldi is not an ordinary accommodation. Our key word is family. We would like you to feel at home and if you were a part of our family. And whatever we do, we do it with all our heart and passion. We would like to show you this authentic part of Italy: the Sabina with its historical and natural beauties, its genuine flavors, and its "slow" way of life following the natural rhythms.

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Rinaldi family