Have you ever heard about the Sabina region?

Have you ever heard about the Sabina region, situated in the central Italy? Cities of this region, that will amaze you by its untouched nature, unique beauty and medieval charm, absolutely deserve your attention. Sometimes it seems that time has stopped there, and only the local churches breaks the silence. You won't see there the crowds of tourists, you won't find touristic restaurants and souvenir shops. Sabina offers you a real authentic experience and shows you Italy as it is. Sabina is a perfect place to escape from the fuss and busy city life. And at the same time there are many things to do, to see and to try here. Sabina cuisine is very diverse and delicious and its olive oil Sabina DOP is considered one of the best in Italy. Casa Rinaldi is located in San Valentino (part of the municipality of Poggio Mirteto) in the province of Rieti, just 50 km from Rome.

Despite a small size and population Poggio Mirteto offers numerous services: various cafes and restaurants, shops, a sports center, a park, banks, a police station and medical institutions. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns of Sabina, due to its unique old town and antique churches, and very safe. During the year there are many festivals and events held in the town, the most important of which are the alternative Carnival and the Film Festival with the participation of famous Italian actors and filmmakers. Poggio Mirteto is surrounded by small charming medieval towns that you absolutely have to visit. THe town is well connected by direct train with the Fiumicino Airport and Rome.